Apple TV Live TV Black Screen Lockup

Channels AppleTV App 3.2.28
Channels server Version 2019.10.26.1839

I can only watch live tv for about 3 mins. The the screen goes black. I can hit play and pause but screen still stays black. Only thing I can do is go back to guide and then back to channel. I thought it might be related to HomePod or experimental audio driver. But this happens on all combinations HomePod, experimental driver, default or tv speakers.

I have submitted multiple diagnostics. No errors in the DVR log.

Any ideas?

Diagnostics show your ATV is out of disk space

Whoa! How do I fix that? I have the 32GB model. I thought the space is auto managed by the OS?

I thought so too. Try reboot? You might be able to find some app that shows you how much free space there is.

Found this Manage AppleTV Storage

I have removed a few game apps and reboot the AppleTV and it seems to have fixed the problem.

Dang I wish there is something to let us know space available on AppleTV. Nothing from the article lets you.

FYI - I did also have some issues with the ATT TV NOW app. Every time I started it it was asking for credentials. So was probably related. UGH!

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I have 2 apps on my Apple TV's to show space usage. Both are probably cheap.

System Info

And in Settings General see Usage / Manage Storage where you can delete Apps.

Lastly, Photos take a lot of space if you have lots.

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