Apple TV non 4K choppy video when paired with Bluetooth speaker


Having an issue with Channels app on a Apple TV 4 not 4K when connected with a Bose Sound dock wireless speaker. I can view channels fine when the Bluetooth speaker is not connected. Once turned on, Channels becomes unusable with choppy video/sound. I use HDHomeRun duo on latest firmware for OTA with Channels as the viewer. My other 4K Apple TV doesn’t have the issue. It’s only when Bluetooth is being used for sound. I did some searching here and did not find my answer. I tried turning off the surround sound setting and playing with others. Nothing works until I turn off the speaker. You submitted the diagnostic button a couple different times.


Update: it also happens in InstaTV and VLC. Direct OTA to TV is perfectly working. Must be the Apple TV or Bluetooth interference with HDHOMERUN? I’ll try to run other Apple TV in separate room while the speaker is connected and see if it stutters. Might prove HDHomerun is susceptible to interference.