Apple TV Remote “back” button exits app

Latest TestFlights when watching a show, hitting the Apple TV remote “back” button is exiting the app completely.

Previously it would take me back to the menu or guide.

Happening to anyone else?

The back button seems to be working normally for me on 11.11.556

When something is playing and I hit back it takes me back to the UI and puts the video in PIP.

Maybe your button is sticking? If you hold back this is the expected behavior. I haven’t noticed it myself.

It’s only happening in Channels app. All other apps are responding to the back button properly.

I’ll update the app to the latest version and restart my Apple TV and see if that changes anything.

Update: latest TestFlight didn’t fix it. Deleted the beta then reinstalled the App Store version. Problem gone and back is working properly again.


I’d run into the issue as well, @shanelord. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have both, the beta and public, versions installed on the Apple TV at the same time. I jump back to the public version when there are issues, which isn’t too often.

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