Apple Tv remote losing connection

I've noticed this is happening in the channels app a lot. A notification will be displayed on the tv after a while that the connection was lost with the remote. Is this a channels issue or an apple issue? I haven't seen it outside the channels app that I can recall. Clicking a button on the remote does reconnect it and it has plenty of battery left but it is annoying.

We’ve never seen that nor had reports of it. Very weird.

Check to see if you have Shake to Mute turned on in the settings. Try turning it off to see if it helps.

I experience it regularly. I think it is on the Apple side where the remote Is going into some kind of sleep state after a period of inactivity. It is in the upper right hand corner and disappears quickly. Touching the remote resets the connection.

I’ll pay more intention in the future.

Thats a native feature. The remote goes to sleep to save its battery.

I guess you guys are just using Channels more and longer than other apps :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would say probably at least 90% of the usage on my apple tv is channels. It's a great product!


Yep .. seen the popup many times on my Apple TV. Once you use the remote again it reconnects just fine.

I too get the connection lost but with only the ATV I use the most, my other 2 devices never get the connection issue

I will say this does happen more in channels. It happened after about 3 minutes from the last click for me. I can go 3 or 4 shows on Disney plus without it disconnecting.

try turning off shake to mute.

It was off already. The battery level in the remote is fine, above 70%. It just disconnects a lot in channels. It reconnects when I click a button but I don't notice it in other apps now that I've been paying attention to it more.

This just happened to me again. This time I was actually using the remote and it lost connection while scrolling through the app. I think this is an app issue because I’ve been using multiple streaming apps lately and non of them have this issue. Shake to mute is off and battery is 77%

Is there a chance you have a noisy RF environment. This doesn’t seem to be a common issue. Is your Apple TV behind anything, or is it a direct line of sight from your viewing position?

Sorry for the late reply. This seems to have resolved itself. I don’t notice it happening anymore. Not sure if it was an update from channels or an Apple TV update. As it didn’t happen, I forgot about it.