Apple TV Remote

When using an Apple TV with a show with indexed commercials and I press the skip commercial button or use the double click on the remote, I don't always get a commercial skip. As frequently as I get a commercial skip, I get a pause. Is there some setting I am missing?

Which Apple TV? Which remote?

Sounds like bad Bluetooth connection or battery.

Apple TV Model A1625 (32GB) running tvOS 14.4. Remote battery level is 48%. The Apple TV and Remote this morning are 3 feet apart. The Remote is Model A1513.

Is there a way to check the bluetooth signal strength?

When the Apple TV Client Channels 4.4.1 auto-installed all the commercial skip went ‘daft’, i.e. press skip and it’d randomly nip to the last set of marked commercials or just skip half of the marked section. Didn’t affect the auto-detection at the DVR.
I rebooted the AppleTV (a clean re-start of Channels) and all fixed. Not sure how else to restart Channels from scratch.
Never found out why as it had to be fixed quickly.

To restart the Channels app, click the TV/Home button twice and swipe up on Channels.

:grinning:Mental note made!

I had already tried restarting my Channels App and Apple TV multiple times and this didn't fix the behavior.