Apple TV Screensaver no longer activates while paused

In the current/latest Beta on the AppleTV, the screensaver no longer activates when viewing is paused for a long time. Screensaver will activate if you are only in the menu system, but will never activate otherwise.


Recording or live tv? It has never been enabled for live tv because of the live tv buffer.

Live TV, I guess I've never noticed that before, very strange that I've never noticed until now.

Haha its funny that you say this because I woke up this morning to paused TV and I was thinking the same thing of shouldn't there be a screen saver?

A follow up question on this. Why would the live TV buffer prevent the screen saver from activating? And is work being done to allow to screen saver during live TV pause or is that issue tabled as a non starter. It of course is not in anyway a deal breaker, just a curiosity.

Because when the screensaver starts, the application is backgrounded/put to sleep/closed, and such an action would clear out the cache/buffer/temporary storage of the application, I would assume?

Recorded programs don't have this limitation, because the content is all on the server. However, the live buffer is exclusive to the client, and separate from the server.

Oh, ok. I assumed that the the LIVE TV was actually the immediate stream from the live tv being recording on the server. Thus being cached server side. I thought live tv was processed on the server. I didn’t know that the clients did the live tv buffering. That makes sense now. It also explains why if you decide to start recording it doesn’t start the recording from the point when you first started watching the live tv. I guess that it also means if I start recording while something is paused, the recording I will get will actually start at the real-time I started recording not the point of the pause. Good to know, Thanks for the clarification.

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Yes, this is indeed the case. It is—in my estimation—the number one shortcoming of Channels. This is the most-desired feature from MythTV and STBs that I wish Channels had.

(However, this missing feature is due to how Channels was designed. Originally it was solely for live TV viewing; DVR features were added later. Bringing this feature to Channels would require some major architectural changes, and sacrifice one of their flagship features, which is incredibly fast tuning with physical OTA HDHomeRun tuners.)

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