Apple TV - Seeing what is scheduled to be recorded?

Just bought my first Apple anything - the Apple TV, specifically because I was told Channels DVR (CDVR) works well with it. And, that's true. I have everything set up - a new user and new to CDVR. Very pleased.

I note on the Android version of the viewer, I can see a list of programs that are going to be recorded. I'm not finding that on the Apple TV version. I find things that have been recorded, but not things that are going to be recorded.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

It’s in the left column of the Settings screen — Scheduled Recordings. Or if you want even easier access to it, you can turn on “Schedule” in Settings > General > Manage Navigation, then it’ll be in the sidebar with a clock icon.


Thanks! That works great! BTW, I am new to Channels DVR and I really like it. Almost as good as my TiVo - and less expensive!