Apple tv stuttering/ now stuck in favorites

Apple tv has been increasingly unwatchable recent weeks. Stuttering, iPad plays ok. My hd channel signal strength 100%, quality over 70%. Today I got stuck in favorites screen, cannot go to settings or library or guide. I reloaded the app, but it does not help. Cannot use Apple TV app now, iPad works ok.

Try clicking TV/Home twice then swipe up on the Channels app

I did that and also removed the app. Reloaded app from the store opens in favorites tab which I cannot exit.

When you say cannot exit, what is happening?

Did you try rebooting the Apple TV?

I rebooted ATV. When I am in favorites I can move sideways in the top bar through different sections kids, hd, movies etc. When I go to my sidebar, I cannot go down to guide, settings etc. It just does not go down. My ATV is connected to a projector, and its remote I can use normally everywhere else, but that and the ATV remote have the same problem.

I have noted some GUI glitches eg. while scrolling through the quick guide, it would stick and wouldn't scroll past the last item on one side even though there are other items listed. I then have to select one of the visible items so the channel starts playing. This then allows me to resume scrolling in that direction in the quick guide.

I dont know if this is related but..

Here is a video of the problem. I am stuck in the on now menu, not favorites. I can scroll side ways in the upper tabs, but when I press menu to get the side bar, I cannot scroll down.
No I couldn’t load a video, maybe I can email it?

Please email to [email protected]



Thanks! I was able to reproduce this focus issue when there are no channels available. Obviously this is rare and wasn't actually checked.

I'll work on a fix right away.

Just because i'm curious, why don't you have any channels?

Because I removed the app, and after reloading I was stuck and I couldn´t do anything like going to settings and selecting the device. Somehow it the app landed me in the same place and problem even after reloading. I had the other problem with hd Channel videos being unwatchable on ATV but not on ipad?

Just to clarify, when the problem started I had channels available, I was just using the app like always. Suddenly I just got stuck. That’s why I removed the app and the reloaded it, it didn’t help. So I can’t use the ATV app at the moment ,

On and on your DVR, do you see channels listed?

Try deleting all the Channels app from your ATV (including betas), then reinstall.

On and dvr admin web page everything is ok. Also in the ipad app.
On my ATV I have channels live tv app and channels dvr app, I am not sure why, I been using live tv app only. Tomorrow morning I delete both and reinstall.

I deleted both and reinstalled alternately both. The channels reappeared and I can navigate. I have had both apps for a long time, but I have been using just live tv app, what’s the difference between apps, I can’t see? Also the stuttering of the broadcast seems to have disappeared also, can that be because of this?

The apps are exactly the same. The free app just requires and active Channels Plus subscription to be used.

I am still having issues with stuttering and pixelating, it can happen for seconds to minutes, then it goes away, I have video of the problem when I am viewing the channel on ATV and IPad. On IPad I haven’t seen the same problem.

Stuttering here also. Started after channels upgrade