Apple TV Top Shelf Feature Not Working


I've noticed over the past few days that the favorite channels no longer show up in the apple top shelf. I'm not sure if its a glitch but was wondering if anyone knew why this might be occuring. I already tried uninstall/reinstalling it, rescanning chanells from my hdhomerun device, and restarting the applet tv and nothing has worked. It is appearing this way on both of my 2 apple tvs. Any ideas? thanks!

Iā€™m having the sam issue. Top shelf is empty on my Apple TV. Tried reinstalling and restarting app and ATV. Also tied downloading the DVR app and had the same issue.

We have been investigating this and have some leads

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@bports18 please try the beta from

Any luck with the beta?

Yes the beta works.

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Can you send my email an invitation to beta for testflight too?

The beta only works for dvr subscribers. We hope to do a new release with the fix soon.

Any new developments on progress with this issue yet?

Please go to the App Store and install 3.2.43 which has the fix.