Apple TV w/ Airpods


I think I have a bug to report. Apple TV 4K (A1842, tvOS 13.3.1), Channels DVR Beta version 2020 (3.18.146) - although this was happening in previous versions as well.

I have a channel tuned and playing audio through my receiver. If I then connect my Airpods via long press on the "Apple TV App/Home" and select the Airpods for my audio source. The audio will come out in only one ear or louder in one ear. If I untune the channel and go back in, the audio is normal. I have not noticed this in other Apple TV apps.

Thank you.

Huh strange. You can try changing the Surround Sound and Audio Driver options in the settings of the app.

Thanks for the reply! I tried to Audio Driver first and went the "Experimental" and it worked.

Thanks again.