Apple TV warning

This is an interesting use case. I will agree, not having multiple remotes paired is a small pain … when one remote can’t be found, it’s nice to have a backup.

Now, that said — using an iPhone as a remote works very well. Built into the phone’s OS, it’s quite seamless.

But I understand where @k2ue is coming from. I do always like to keep a 2nd remote paired and tucked away in a drawer - TiVo and Apple TV both - because they do have an odd tendency to go missing.

Why apple hasn’t added a remote finder function, I don’t know ….. “TiVo does it!”

I wasn't trying to be mean when I said you could use your IOS device. If you were new to apple TV, it's possible you were not aware of this solution. Sorry if I came across brass. It might not be ideal for your use case, but it is still an option that might get you the functionality you are looking for if you have IOS devices.

We use three because:

  1. wife only likes Harmony remote, but it’s old and the buttons are getting finicky(remote, not wife):sunglasses:
  2. Sofabaton when Harmony is acting up.
  3. apple remote because it’s simple and small and can sit on coffee table without screaming “I’m a big huge remote”

That's why we have multiples:
I ignore commercials;
If my wife is in the room they MUST be muted;
Daughter/Son-in-law & Grandkids use a couch we don't and are always scanning for kids material;
And then there's my recliner. . .

huh, sounds like chaos.

But yeah, I've had each generation of Apple TV and I have multiple remotes paired. I have an open living space so have a remote in the living area and another one in the kitchen. No problem pairing both of the up.

@k2ue So are you actually having an issue with a second remote and it's not working? Or did you just read, like I did, that it doesnt work. Seems like there are people who are getting it to work. So maybe there is a solution to your issue. maybe someone can help you get more than one working.

Since the Apple won't power control my projector, fixing the remote issue is moot.

Is that something your projector will support because I am able to power control my projector with both the apple remote as well as iphone. I can both turn on and off my projector when power on/off my apple TV 4k. *on/off button on new remote not on old one.

There is a 'sidekick' remote you can get at bestbuy with programable keys for controlling IR devices.

I will never buy an Apple product.

My projector does not offer control over HDMI, which is the only projector control the Apple TV 4K offered me. The winner in this regard is the Shield, which knows how to shut off the projector with the double "POWER"-"POWER" press required, and everything goes up and down with a single button press. Runner up is Fire TV which manages one "POWER" command, but you have to double-tap the button just so to get everything off.

Yes, it is curious they went this route. Most other streaming devices allow you to control the power/TV via IR, but the Apple TV only allows for IR control of volume, not power.

You do realize that in addition to the apple remote, every single cell phone, ipad, and mac on the entire LAN can also act ad remotes? I know, I just used this ipad to turn down the volume on the tv.

did you not see my post. I control my power via the remote. With the remote and with the iphone. it's a long press it will turn on my device. Technically it doesn't turn off the device however my device has a 60 second auto turn off if no input if found. So I guess apple remote will turn on my device and it will auto turn off once I turn off the apple TV.

I replaced our various bits of kit, with their various, overly complicated remotes, with an AppleTV (with Channels), specifically to experience the luxury of having everything in one box using one remote. Ah, the bliss!


SAME! The overall UX is so so so much better!


Lol, this is not really an issue as far as I can see.

I have a Samsung TV that has airplay. The TV remote can control the appleTV as a hdmi input. Having two appleTVs I am glad the remotes are pair to a room. All apple devices can send music to every room but not control every room.

It was the learning curve that made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just turn on "Hey Siri" and multiple users in the room can yell out commands, trust me...wives love this!