Apple tv

I have 5 apple tv boxes ,will i be able to record different shows on each from my channel plus.

Recordings doesn't happen on the Apple tv itself. What is your source for content and what device are you using for recording?

I have HD HOMERUN on each Box.

You have 5 Hdhomeruns?

NO just one on a network showing local tv on all five apple tv box's. And she wants to record different show than me.

Or do i need a local computer on all the time on the network to get all the recordings

You will need 5 tuners. So will need at least 2 Hdhomeruns depending on the model you have. A Hdhomerun has a max of 4 tuners and you can string them together. Then you will need a source to record on like a computer or a NAS.


When I had cable I had a DVR on three out five tv cable box]s. i have a hdhomerun 2 channel box. Again THANKS.

The only other option is to sign up for a cable lite service like Hulu live. You will be able to record most locals on that along with cable channels(no limit on concurrent recordings) . The locals you can't, you can record with your Hdhomerun.

Thanks for the information.