Appletv 4k playback stutter

I have both of my ATV's set for experimental deinterlacer and default audio and video drivers. I have been having an issue with TVE recordings where they have so much stutter that they are unwatchable. To troubleshoot, I played back a TVE recording in plex. It played significantly better than it did with channels (there is still stutter but the TV's post processing can clear up most of it). So I started looking at channels and wondering why it was so much worse than plex. To troubleshoot I enabled the expiramental video drivers and now the TVE recordings look slightly better than plex. Problem solved? ...Not quite.

When I play back an MPEG2 recording there is now a constant stutter where there wasn't before. If I go back to the default video driver then the MPEG2 recording is fine. So if I fix TVE, it breaks OTA. if I fix OTA, then it breaks TVE.

I tried this on my shield and TVE looks good. The problem is that one of my locals causes the shield bug to make the video have artifacts. I have to enable the software decoder to get it to work properly. Problem is that breaks Atsc 3 recordings. So I can't find a platform that let's me do everything I need lol.

Right now on the ATV, I am just watching TVE in plex and OTA with channels but it is a hassle. Is it that the processor can't handle the expiramental deinterlacer and the experimental video drivers at the same time? The expiramental deinterlacer looks so much better than the defualt so I hate to disable that.

I ordered a new ATV so when it comes later this month I can see if it is any better. But in the mean time I am kind of stuck.

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