AppleTV 4K Recenty Added TV Shows Not Sorting

When I sort ATV shows by Recently Added it is incorrect. I can scroll down and see a show that was recorded 2 days ago that is about 2/3 of the way to the bottom of the list. Anyone else have this issue? I just checked and the webui has the same issue so maybe it is something server related?

You can use Library > Recently Updated for recently recorded shows. Recently Added means when that show was first recorded into your library.

That one seems to work better. The crazy thing is that the show in question was recorded on Saturday. shouldn't that show at the top for recently added?

Recently Added is new so to populate the data to display in this order, it had to be harvested from your existing library. This means setting a data based on the oldest recording in a group. With shorter keep settings, this means the dates are a little out of wack at first, but things should resolve themselves as you move into the future with newer shows you add. It just has to work itself out.

Ahh OK this particular show is part of a series that I am keeping all of the episodes... That makes sense. It is based on the oldest...

Any chance of adding the Recently updated tab to the "TV Shows" view? I was able to navigate to it but I had to enable the library view and then go into a couple of sub menus to find it. I am trying to make it real easy for my family to find the shows on the DVR. They like the TV Shows view on the main navigation screen for its simplicity.

I just updated ATV and I saw the change to show the recently updated tab in TV Shows. Thanks!


Ok so maybe I'm confused. Can you tell me which view is supposed to show me all of the recently recorded shows regardless of how old the first episode is in the folder? Let's say I want to keep episodes of show ABC123 and there are 10 in the folder. I want that folder to be sorted to the top of the list when there is a new episode. Then when another show is recorded, regardless of whether or not there are multiple episodes or no episodes preexisting, I want it to be moved to the 1st spot and the old show moved to the right. Every DVR I have ever had works this way.

Recently updated works a little bit but not all the way. If a show is updated, played, marked as watched etc, it seems to be sorted at the top of the list. So right now I have a show that I watched yesterday that was recorded on Friday. It is sorted ahead of a show that was recorded today.

So I'm back to using recently added and it still is sorting a show I recorded last week before other shows that were recorded today.

So then I tried newly released and it is way off. There seems to be no sorting at all.

The only reliable sorting method is alphabetical it seems..

There was a bug in the latest ios/tvos beta that had Recently Updated sorted wrong. It has been resolved and is now sorting shows by the last time they were recorded.

Newly Released: Date the show first aired
Recently Updated: Date of last time it was recorded
Recently Added: Date when it was originally added to your library (first time YOU recorded it)

Looks like the bug is still there for me.
From the pic. The shows top row from left to right.
1 Recorded today
2 Recorded last Tuesday but played last night
3 Recorded saturday
4 Recorded Friday


This is my main UX issue. As someone who has used Channels from the beginning, the categories have never been very intuitive (a sentiment shared by family and friends I have introduced to Channels). Don't get me wrong, I love Channels and appreciate all of the UX options that have been added, but I would love to see a simplified "basic" Library option.

My ideal solution:

  1. Up Next: works great, leave as is
  2. TV/Movie "Cards": Open to only the Alphabetical view.
  3. Recently Updated: Change to Recently Recorded
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