AppleTV App Not Refreshing Channel List

Hi folks:

I'm a Channels newbie.

Just got the DVR server up and running on my NAS. Overall it's working fine, but I've apparently made a few mistakes which now are causing a few hiccups.

I got my HDHomerun Prime going (with Cablecard) and then loaded in the info into the Channels Server. I saw a channel list. All seemed well.

Then I installed Channels DVR apps on my Apple TV's and ipads. Everything looked good.

THEN...I noticed my cablecard wasn't paired to my HDHomerun. Only unencrypted channels were listed. So rescanned and found all the channels on the DVR server. All seemed well again.

Until I realized that none of my apps on my ATV's or ipads are updating. I've managed to force a few to see most of the channel slist by going through and refreshing the channel list via the settings menu on the apps. But favorites and other things on the server aren't coming over. Also, my server shows my HDHOMERUN as primary source and TVE as secondary, but they are reversed on the apps.

I've tried deleting and reinstalling the apps. But it's as if they have a memory of the original settings and revert back to the original way after reinstalling.

Wish the apps could just view the DVR channel list, favorites, etc, live.

Do you have both the beta and regular apps installed? Deleting all of them before reinstalling one should force reload favs from the HDHR

No just the ones downloaded from the App Store.

Thanks for the tip. Will try deleting all and then reinstalling.

OK that seemed to have helped. Favorites now synced. Thanks!