AppleTV client recent recordings "purple clock" icon meaning

What is the meaning of the "purple clock" on recently recorded programs?

The red clock, open green and closed green icons make sense. What is the purple clock for ?

Where are you seeing the purple clock? Could you post a picture of what you are seeing?

There is a purple clock icon next to "The Last Word" entry .. what does it mean?

Looks like a bug. Please submit diagnostics. Something about the state of your recordings is making it show.

Does the purple clock mean scheduled recording, or recording in progress?
I've seen on the web UI where a recording gets interrupted and can't finish before the scheduled time it still shows as recording.

@polyventures can you please submit diagnostics from your Channels DVR Server web admin under Support > Troubleshooting?

I cannot reproduce this issue and seeing your logs can help figure it out. I can not without them.

This issue is intermittent and random. I will submit diagnostics the next time I see it on my screen.

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