AppleTV Lost connection to DVR Server

One of my appleTVs has lost its connection to the DVR server. It presents me with the search or connect to DVR when I launch the app.

If I choose at home and type IP or local server name it does not connect.

If I choose away from home it says it authenticated successfully, but still does not connect.

I have submitted diagnostics.

All other AppleTV and iPhones seem to connect just fine.

Can you try power cycling the Apple TV? It is timing out connecting to any of your local IPs and isn’t finding any HDHRs, which is very strange.

Just power cycled and tried again with same results. Submitted diagnostics also.

It looks like that helped. It’s now discovering your HDHRs which it wasn’t before.

Can you select connect At Home again and see if that works?

That worked. Sorry long delay had to run out.

Glad to hear it's all sorted out.

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