AppleTV missing channels on 2nd AppleTV

We have multiple AppleTVs in same house on same network. Using same Apple account on all. The one (first) AppleTV we set up the Favorites. We go to 2nd or 3rd units and only 3/4s of the channels are showing in the guide to add to favorites.
Why wouldn’t all channels be available and same on all? Yes the missing channels show up on the HDhomeRun Prime unit and on the Apple iPhone channels app. On the 2nd and 3rd units we have to use the phone app to set the DVR recording.

You can set favorites via and then delete/reinstall the app.

We are working on a favorites sync feature which will be released soon.

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So that will allow the channel to be shown even though it doesn’t show in All channels line up?

On the settings tab how many channels does it say are found on each Apple TV? It should be the same on all of them.

They are the same on all 379. On HDHome it is 396. I understand the DRM not listed but this network is not DRM.
I also noticed on the one AppleTV where we have it as a favorite it is not listed anymore on the lineup settings to add or remove from favorites. The channel does work.

So it says 379 but then below that in the list it's not visible?

Can you take some photos showing the difference between the TVs?

Did you try restarting the Channels app by clicking the TV/Home button twice and swiping up.

I rebooted all devices including the server for the local DVR and it now shows up on all devices.

Thanks for your support.

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