AppleTV Remote App on iOS -- Single Click on Trackpad Always Moves Up

I have 2 AppleTV 4Ks at my place. Both running tvOS 15. Whenever I pull up the AppleTV remote app on my phone to control the device I have issues with the trackpad and clicking. Approx. 90% of the time when I try to do a single tap to click on the app trackpad, the AppleTV thinks I'm trying to do a cursor-up movement.

For example if I'm on the home screen and want to select an app to open (e.g. YouTube) but Settings app is directly above it, when I tap the trackpad it will move up and highlight the Settings app instead of YouTube. Same thing happens when navigating menus in the Settings app. Almost every single tap ends up being a move-up command.

I've tried restarting the AppleTV but no fix. Anyone else have anything similar? Do I just not know how to use a trackpad?

Hmm haven’t had the problem. My guess would be maybe you’re using a lot of force which is causing your finger to slide up the glass a bit? Does it happen with a very light touch?