AppleTV tvOS Audio sync issues

I've been experiencing the most annoying problems with some channels being out of sync. The audio is out of sync with the picture on major networks ABC, CBS, NBC etc. Channels such as MeTV, Antenna TV etc that broadcast older shows are all in perfect sync.

I also have a (cough) Firestick 4k Max and when I switch to that streamer (begrudgingly) the audio is perfectly in sync.

I can't for the life of me figure out why this is happening. It's been an issue for months. I am on the latest beta on Test Flight, I'm also on tvOS 15.2 and using the EXPERIMENTAL audio and video decoders. However it doesn't seem to matter what decoders I choose because the issue persists. Have the developers given a higher priority to Firestick? I've paid for this app on AppleTV long before it went free and I paid AGAIN for Firestick and AGAIN for my Sony Bravia with Google TV and yet AGAIN for iPad and iPhone versions. I feel I paid enough and should be getting flawless audio on all channels in the tvOS platform.

I do agree with the audio out of sync issue. It seems to be getting better with the last few beta updates. But you gotta remember this is beta. Beta doesn't always mean better :wink: Have you tried going back to the non-beta. Also version tvOS 15 has been plagued with bugs and I now Channels has put in workarounds to try to limit the issues. It seems Channels is working hard trying to get the experimental drivers out the door. I think they still need time to cook.

Which model Apple TV?

Is this with OTA?

Can you submit diagnostics from the app after playing for 30s

How is the audio playback in the official HDHR app on the same Apple TV?

AppleTV 4k model A2169

Yes, OTA

diagnostics uploaded

The official HDHR app doesn't seem to produce audio at all

Actually after a reboot I now have audio on the HDHR app and it's the same situation. Audio sync issue as well

Are you using ATSC3 perhaps? Which OTA market?

No. I don’t have a tuner for ATSC3. I’m in Winston Salem, NC. I don’t think that my market even broadcasting any channels in ATSC3. That would be available in Raleigh Durham or Charlotte but not here

How about on iPhone or iPad with channels app and HDHR app are they both also out of sync?