AppleTV will not find source


All the AppleTv's in the house will not find the HDHomerun Quatro. But, all the my iOS devices connect just fine and play.

The AppleTV's and iOS are all on the same WIFI.


Channels app on AppleTV can see the recordings but no live tv or guide. It will also not accept the IP address found on


What is the IP of your HDHR and IP of your ATV?


They are different. HDHR ends in .7.35 One of the AppleTv ends in 0.157, and another 0.146. There are 5 AppleTv in the house they all have different IP. Probably depending on which Eero base station they are connected?

I have Arris modem>Linksys router>Ethernet switch with 21 ports> one of those ports goes to the "first" Eero.

Should the Linksys connect directly to the Eero instead of the switch?


Please post the full ips so I can see what subnets you're working with. The ips are internal to your network so no one can access them.

You can click Submit Diagnostics at the bottom of the Settings tab after clicking add source and entering the IP

#6 HDHR and 0.146 ATV


There is not a Submit Diagnostics that I can see in Settings.


At the bottom of the Settings tab in the Channels app


Oh, I see the Submit diagnostics at the bottom of the Channels iOS app, but not in the AppleTv app. The iOS app works just fine. The AppleTv apps do not connect. Will submitting diagnostics from the working app help?


What version number is shown on the Apple TV app?




There should be a Submit Diagnostics option at the very bottom of the Settings tab. Can you take a photo of what you see at the bottom?



I see the same in the plain Channels app 3.2.10 as the Channels DVR app. Neither find the HDHR.


Hmm ok.

What IP is assigned to your iOS device which works?

It seems wrong that your HDHR is on one subnet (192.168.7.x) but your ATVs are on a different subnet (192.168.0.x)



IP showing for the WiFi of the working iOS shows in setting>wifi


HDHR is connected directly to the Linksys router. The other devices connected to the Eero’s via wifi. If that helps.


Sounds like both your HDHR and iOS are on the 192.168.7.x network, which is why they're able to talk to each other.

But your ATVs are on a different 192.168.0.x network, which is why they can't talk to the HDHR.

Are you sure the iOS device and ATVs are connected to the same WiFi? It doesn't sound like it..


Ok, I see what your saying. 3 of the 5 ATV are connected now to the same subnet. The other 2 ATV have Eero’s In those rooms that are Ethernet connected to boost signal. The other Eero’s are “true” WiFi.

So, I guess I need to figure out the IP subnet issue with those rooms.