Does anyone know how we could 'record' AppleTV+ shows and import them into Channels? I know Playon works for many streaming services, but not Apple. Any other options out there for that?

I have an AppleTV+ subscription, but I much prefer to being able to watch everything in Channels.

Honestly I think your best option would be to do a screen capture while playing and then import your file into channels under local content. This is pretty much what playOn does. Apple doesn't really play nice with other companies so the odds of them even allowing playon to have their name on their page is unlikely IMHO.

I've found Stream Fab works well with Amazon Prime. Quality is 1080P with 5.1 audio. A 2 hour movie takes about 10 minutes. Once it's saved to your PC you can import to your Channels DVR library. You can download 3 files for free as a test. Haven't tried it with Apple TV Plus, but they advertise a version.

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Thank you, I will check them out, sounds like it could be a good solution.