Appreciation Post: Came in Clutch while Tailgating!

(Okay so I meant to post this weeks ago and just realized it only saved as a draft...oops!)

Just wanted to post about how impressed I was using Channels DVR, and how it was a true life saver.

I have season tickets to an NFL team, and when there are games airing prior to the one I'm attending, I usually hook up an antenna to the TV and away I go, no problem. Except that morning's game in London was an NFL Network exclusive and not locally broadcast. So I came up with an idea.

I have a Galaxy S9+ and recently bought a DeX Station. Since my tethering speed is seemingly sub-2G, if I wanted to stream the game, it would have to be on my phone directly. So, since Channels works just as it usually does on Android within DeX, I decided to bring it all down, hook it up to the TV, and give it a shot. It worked absolutely flawlessly. No hiccups, no buffering, no freezing, and one of my biggest pet peeves, little delay. I'm sure I could've found a way to stream it via the NFL app or something official, but those carry much larger time delays. This is as close to air as I could get.

I went walking around the immediate area of the parking lot and nobody else had the game on. There was an RV with a huge TV, but it was turned off. I enjoyed the game, and felt proud of myself because it just worked. This was just one of those weird situations as while most games are aired over antenna, this one in particular wasn't, and required a bit more involved solution which Channels was able to easily provide.

So, thank you! Keep up all the great work, I absolutely love the platform and the active forums here.


This is so great. I'm glad it worked so well.

Were you streaming the in-progress recording or the channel directly? (Due to complexities that we haven't resolved yet, we currently only do Adaptive Bitrate Streaming on recordings and not live TV)

Streaming it directly! I wasn't recording the game on the DVR at all. Also, I did bring it with me again this past week and jumped between two games without issues, also as live channels not being recorded. My upload speed from the DVR server is only 12Mbps (freakin' Comcast), and download speeds in the stadium area in my experience has always been pretty good!

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Oh, duh, so my Cellular Streaming Quality is set to 720p 3Mbps, but it looked well enough for me!