I'm not sure if I'm the only Arch Linux user here, but if not I figured I would share this with the community.

I've created a PKGBUILD for Arch Linux that works for x86_64, armv7h and aarch64 architectures of Arch Linux. It does the following:

  • Downloads the current stable release for your arch
  • Installs the software to /usr/lib/channels-dvr
  • Creates the channels-dvr user/group
  • Creates the state dir /var/lib/channels-dvr (which is also the channels-dvr user's $HOME)
  • Symlinks Channels' data directory to /var/lib/channels-dvr

Since development on Channels happens so quickly, I'm only tracking the stable releases with this PKGBUILD.

The PKGBUILD is hosted on my Github repo. Hopefully this doesn't run afoul of any distribution issues, as I'm packaging the software in any way, just making it easier to download from official sources and integrate with Arch's native packager (to ease user creation and install it to a sensible location).