Arris Modem Troubles (+ Google Wifi)


Hello there!

I’ve recently switched internet provider and therefore modem and am now having problems with my Channels service. My Apple TV can find my HD Home Run but my IOS app keeps telling me that no sources are detected.

I’m running the HD Homerun Quattro and antenna in the attic. I have Google WiFi and a Synology NAS. I have good signal and can watch & record fine on my Apple TV. My new modem is an Arris 3452 cable one.

I’ve tried all the helpdesk usuals. Power, deleting apps etc. I’m thinking it must be the way the ports have changed. I only had one Ethernet port before on a Motorola modem so linked everything with an unmanaged switch. Now I have 4 Ethernet ports on my new modem but it is not working. Maybe I need to use the switch again so that Apple TV, HD Homerun & Google WiFi are on the same port? I may have just answered my own question! I’ll try that when I get home. In the meantime, any other hints or pointers would be greatly received.

Happy Holidays!



What is the IP address of each device: DVR NAS, Apple TV and iOS device


IOS is
NAS is
Apple TV


The problem is your wired devices are 192.168.0.x but your wifi devices are 192.168.86.x

They all need to be on the same subnet. Unfortunately google wifi makes this really hard to do.

Best bet would be to plug only the google wifi into your cable modem, and then plug all the other devices into the google wifi via a switch. That way all your devices will be on the 192.168.86.x network.


Awesome. That makes sense with the way my setup has changed. Will try that when I’m home. I really appreciate your super speedy response.


All sorted. Thank you!


Great! How did you fix things?


Exactly as you said - one cable from modem to Google WiFi and then from Google WiFi to a switch with Apple TV, HD Homerun & NAS all coming from that.