Artwork quality. DVR v Regular

Is there a quality/resolution difference in the show artwork between the DVR and the regular Channels app on ATV? I was trying out the DVR and noticed the artwork quality/resolution seems way better in comparison with the regular version of Channels.

I have an Apple TV 4K and the artwork that appears on the ATV home screen with the channels app highlighted is noticeably worse when no DVR subscription is active. I have tried Gracenote and Silicon Dust. I'm in the UK using Freeview.

Can someone chime in and tell me if this is a thing or are my eyes deceiving me?

Yes there is a difference in quality.

DVR users get data from their dvr server which downloads guide data from our provider directly.

Non-DVR users get their data from SiliconDust which uses higher compression and smaller sizes on their images (which originally come from the same provider).

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