Aspect Ratio and black screen issue

Noticed a weird aspect ratio issue on my Note 20. The app will only maintain a correct aspect ratio for the position I start the stream (live or recording) in. For example, if I start in portrait mode, if I flip the phone to horizontal, the video is stretched edge to edge, but not zoomed in (it has black bars on top and bottom). If I start video in horizontal, the aspect ratio is correct (with black bars on left and right) but then if I go to portrait mode, it is zoomed in.

This is a little annoying because the app is really crappy to navigate in horizontal mode. Too much screen info 'freezes' the top portion so you only have a small block to scroll through recordings on the bottom of your screen.

I also noticed that with live TV, half the time the video starts with black screen. Force closing the app and restarting it doesn't help. Never noticed this issue with recordings.

Both of these issues are happening with released V3.5.2 and the latest beta v2143

So it appears changing the video decoder from hardware to software has resolved both of these issues.

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