ATSC 3.0 and 4K

Not like we're going to get a lot of (Quality)4K anyway.
I remember when 1080 was going big and the material had to catch up.

Didn't last long before the networks and cable co's decided to share the bandwidth and quality went to hell.

Still have a few recordings from the Discovery HD Theater channel that were awesome when it took the full bandwidth of the channel, 1080i @ 20+Mbps!

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Probably true.

No. But you will get real 1080p content and better audio streams and hopefully less overall compression for better image quality. Anyone expecting to watch regular 4k OTA is living in a fantasy world.

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I strongly agree. Just like 5G on the new smartphones. Not much different than 4G. It was hyped as lightning fast which is a freaking joke!

Good thinking! I remember when cable TV didn't have commercials and ads. It was a paid prescription service without ads. You were paying for ad free TV. Now cable TV has so many commercials that I can't even watch it without getting extremely annoyed. This is why I record shows and movies from ATSC / HD Homerun that I want to watch and then edit out the commercials with software on my extremely powerful HTPC rack server.


Manually editing commercials seems extremely tedious. Does the skip function not work well enough?

And cable has evolved. While I don't have it anymore, channels that didn't adhere to the normal daily lineup of the locals were welcome, commercials or not. For locals it's always a morning show or news. Game shows or talk shows. Noon time news. Soap operas or talk shows. 6pm news. Game shows & gossip shows. Then prime time shows. Same crap every day. At least the likes of USA, tbs, tnt and similar threw a wrench into those works. They were also nice because syndicated TV shows would actually be shown in order. The locals seems to be all over the place, and at times now even show both parts of a multi part show. When shows get taken off Netflix and prime and are only available via a pay source, I'm happy to deal with commercials to watch them.

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I can certainly understand the logic of this and I tried two different commercial skip options and couldn't get it going after 4 days on constant trial and error. So I'm still stuck with manual editing. So far I've edited about 150 episodes out 4,500 episodes of various crime investigation episodes. So I'm making good progress. LOL! :laughing:

Might be a job you can pass to your kids in your will. :joy:

Are there 4k FTA broadcasts in the US or Europe or anywhere. Wondering the reasons behind this model

also see HDHomeRun new 4K ATSC 3.0 tuner

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Hahahahaha! Hilarious! At this rate...