ATSC 3.0 Issues

Here in Atlanta, the ATSC 3.0 for most major networks are now available. Since detection of these new channels, all my season passes have defaulted to recording on the new ATSC 3.0 version, which is causing problems.

While watching on my Apple TV works fine, I'm not able to watch these recordings remotely.

Also, commercial detection doesn't seem to be working on these recordings.

I've tried to find a way to force the recording to go back to using ATSC 1.0 version, but I must be overlooking it somewhere. For now, I've gone in and disabled the HEVC channels.

I'm just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues?

(edited for clarity)

did you disable the ASTC 3 channels ?

You don't need to disable the channels. Just add an advanced condition to the pass. Channel != 1XX.X
Or channel = the astc 1.0 channel. Either way should work.

I haven't had any issues with commercial skip and 3.0. I can't say I've tried to watch remotely because I've barely experimented with that. Using a HDHR tuner.

The only issue I have had is playing back audio on a Windows computer.

Remote viewing is not really available right now, because the transcoding of ATSC3 recordings doesn't work. The only way to view ATSC3 remotely—both live and recorded content—is to set the streaming quality to "Original". This is a known limitation.

I did go ahead and disable the 3.0 channels, and commercials are being detected again. I'll leave it like this until I know there is a fix.

The ATSC3 channels in Atlanta aren't anything to be excited about, anyway. They're the same ATSC1 source, just transcoded for ATSC3 and are around 5mbps, about half the bitrate of the ATSC1. Now the fact they look just as good as their ATSC1 channels at half the bitrate, is a feat, there is no point in must use them until they get a better original source and increase bitrates.

Yeah I have my ATSC 3.0 Channels disabled I find the Volume too low in Channels DVR compared to the HDHomeRun APP where the volume is proper level and better.

For ex...
If I watch Channel 108 in Channels DVR I have to turn the Volume up full on my sound system. I then switch to the HDHomeRun APP and play the same channel on the sound system.. It shakes everything the volume is so high I have to turn it down.

You probably have relatively few multipath problems down there. Up here in Seattle with my antenna the Fox station is unwatchable in 1.0 (although I could use a repeater channel actually located in Seattle), where the 3.0 from the same tower comes in rock solid (so far).

Obviously if you have signal issues, that's a different reason to want ATSC3. But at least in the ATL area, there is no image improvement. Some may notice 1080p60 being better for them if they had a bad deinterlacer and the stations deinterlacer is doing a better job.

And for me my signal path is pretty good. Antenna on roof, on top of a hill with only trees blocking my path to all major stations that are all in the same direction.

Yeah, that's sort of what I was envisioning. Western Washington is a bit more hilly and probably has more tree issues. Also, currently the Fox station is in an entirely different area than the rest. A much more challenging environment overall.