ATSC 3.0 Transition information

Youtube videos do not require client authorization. They intentionally lump together transport encryption with authorization. The tuner needs to be authorized to view.

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It seems the local affiliates are making a real power play all of the sudden that threatens even the OTT services:

So this whole ATSC 3.0 encryption seems to be a big part of their new approach.

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As a die hard Channels user who's been salivating over the potentials of ATSC 3 for years, this is incredibly depressing. :cry:


Yea, I realized about 6-8 months ago it was good cover for the local OTAs to ditch their pesky antenna customers who are too stingy to chip in on their carriage deals with big media.

My market is already encrypting Hearst stations, and it appears the days of me being able to watch sports the way I want to are numbered. I guess to "Big Media" the OTA signals are a form of piracy even though WE THE PEOPLE own those airwaves. If they want to get shitty with the content on those airwaves, I can find other things to do.



Hearst hasn't encrypted their Pittsburgh ATSC 3.0 station yet. I can only believe it's because their 1.0 station broadcasts from a terrible location in the opposite direction of all the other majors and it's hard to pick up.

They did have a repeater they turned on in 2009 that was based near the city that really helped, but they quickly got rid of it once the 3.0 broadcast started up in 2020.

My hope is they won't turn on encryption anytime soon for their Pittsburgh channel because of this.

That article was ONLY about locals wanting to negotiate directly with OTT providers, nothing to do with ATSC 3.0 broadcast.

I know, but it's another instance where the locals are trying to make more money which is almost certainly at the root of the ATSC 3.0 conversion despite how they're selling it.

Thread originator had a good idea there.

The only way this will work is if the DVR does not see the unencrypted content. Each playback device will have to be equipped with decryption keys in order to perform decryption on their own. No more ad detection by DVR. Centralized ad detection will be problematic because local broadcasters will oppose access to the content by entities not residing in a specific market. Are we ready for the distributed ad detection network with presence in every market?

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What this will do is drive your everyday law abiding citizen to piracy. I can install DuckieTV and have it automatically add series passes for all of my TV shows and it will download them automatically from torrents. I don't use this because I get everything through OTA and TVE and it is unnecessary. Place enough restrictions that inconvenience law abiding citizens and they will resort to the dark side. DRM is not going to stop or even reduce piracy. It will just frustrate the honest person that wants to obey the law.


Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like Tablo is the model to follow now. We're gonna need a licensed Channels-branded tuner, yes? (I really, really don't want to use Silicondust's DVR software)

Tablo is in the Same boat as Silicondust.

Tablo ATSC 3.0 QUAD OTA DVR Status Update – Tablo (

Yes but by having their own hardware they can control encryption end to end, which I believe both SD & Tablo have said they're planning to do. Channels needs hardware to control to be able to do this.

I thought TMM1 said that Channels DVR cannot use the new ASTC 3.0 Tablo models .. they do not provide M3U access.

I think you're missing my meaning - I'm talking about Channels licensing their own hardware in the same way Tablo has their own hardware. i.e. an actual "Channels DVR" branded device with end-to-end control.

So you are proposing they go into the Hardware business ?

I realize it's easier said than done, but yes. Yes I am. :slight_smile:

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I really doubt it will. Sure, those of us who are technically inclined can do this but the vast, vast number of people are not going to set anything up that can do any of that. This will force OTA use by non-chipped devices to a small-to-nonexistent cluster.

TVs will include the G-Chip (Like the V-Chip but for greed) to decrypt your allowed and approved-by channels or you can go to cable/sat.