ATSC 3.0 Transition information

I believe the broadcasters already think we are pirates, since we are taking their property even though it was deemed legal and keeping it in our personal libraries to be shared with family and friends. Thus making their property just a little less valuable. With NextGenTV they are still going to provide free with advertising OTA TV to consumers which meets their obligation to the public. I don't like it, but hard to disagree with their reasoning. It will be up to us to find legal methods to watch TV the way we would like or do without.

The problem the broadcasters have will be any device that allows non-certifed NextGenTV's to watch NextGenTV channels could be connected to recording devices which would likely still be considered legal.


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Yep.I have that on mine too. Garbage.

Try calling the station, and demand that they remove the DRM. Tell them you are going to spread the word to everybody you know on social media, that they are encrypting, and dissuade everybody you know from buying any sort of ATSC 3.0 device.


It came from corporate. All of these stations have no power and that's why everything sucks now.


@MikeBear, ahead of you. ha.


The more people that know about this encryption jag, the better. Hopefully a few news people also take it up and cause a major stir about it. Villagers with torches can do a lot, and perhaps we can get the providers fearful a bit that they themselves are sabotaging the roll out.

It's true, but I'm sure at this point they believe they can finally get away with it before anybody much notices.


I don't think spreading this around is going to matter since shifting isn't exactly commonplace. Most OTA folk associate it with plugging the antenna into a TV and it just works. Unfortunately (for our argument) that will still be the case with 3.0 TVs. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a healthy backlash but I just don't see it happening.

It's worth trying, and it worked years ago with the 1984 Sony video tape lawsuit, and the broadcast flag debacle which was contested, and successfully rescinded in 2011. Those were also all about people recording for their own use.

It can happen again, IF we all fight it.


I cut the cord in 2007 or so. Just watched Lon on on YouTube go through his mother's cable bill and through most of the video I was simply amazed at the garbage they charge her for.

About 7 minutes in he mentions broadcast fees, I guess "NextgenTV" will simply be an addition to the $14 billion dollars the cable industry rakes in annually.

I got rid of my Cable Boxes a long time ago no need for them as XFINITY Stream works great on FireTV and Android Boxes. Also, I have 2 Cable cards (Prime units) which they do not even charge me for them... So my XFINITY Bill is on par with the Streaming Services plus I get a lot more channels plus ShowTime and HBO.

So no way I am cutting the cord as I see Streaming Services keep raising their Prices.

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Interesting article.

I didn't know that the EW Scripps Company had bought Nuvyyo, the company behind Tablo.


As far as I'm concerned, IF they continue on encrypting ATSC 3.0 on this rollout, I hope it fails miserably.


Yeah, I went from being really excited about ATSC 3.0, to dreading it, pretty darn quickly.


Yeah, read the last post in this thread, and 3.0 DRM and total replacement of 1.0 is the death of Channels DVR as a solution for ATSC 3.0 OTA tv anyway. DRM Support - #60 by wallybarthman

Luckily, that's many years down the road, and maybe never.


I just wanna be able to pay a reasonable price for “a la carte” out of market NFL games for my favorite team. I dont care if it is 4k or not.

I too was excited and purchased a 4k flex to future proof.

The filing is dated March 6, so this just happened.

[edit] Also read the sale was only $14 million? That surprised me.

I wouldn't go that far, TV Everywhere support has been a gamechanger. I'd still be able to use Channels DVR even if I lost the OTA antenna due to DRM. I used TVE that way exclusively for over a year. Hopefully ATSC 1.0 stays around for long time though, even if the transition takes very many years, because I'm happy with how things are working now. From the sounds of it, all ATSC 3.0 will result in, is more restrictions and hassle for the viewers. And with that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if the beancounters try dismantling TV Everywhere, next. [sigh]


This :point_up_2:

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Well, that's a good point! I also use it that way for many channels. So, there's that going on for it...