ATSC 3.0 - video playback problems after skip with surround sound

I reported this to support but haven't heard any update on this. For ATSC 3 recordings, after a seek the video seems to play in fast forward for a little while and then playback is not smooth after it slows to normal speed. I have to stop the recording and restart playback for it to go back to normal until I need to seek again and then it repeats. This happens with both hardware and hybrid decoding. This does not happen when switching surround output off but I want to hear surround sound if available. Are you working on this? Thanks.

IMO, ATSC 3.0 isn't anywhere near ready for prime-time. Seems a waste for the devs to try to fix stuff that's in a constant alpha state and will change constantly. This question likely makes sense in 4-6 years.

Again, my opinion. The stations in Cincinnati are a mess, but changing often as the station engineers tinker.

It seems like they give the engineers way to many options for the standard. In a lot of ways I am glad I don't have it in my area yet so they can learn how to set it up correctly instead of being frustrated that the TV is up and down all the time while they mess with stuff. But I do suffer a lot with multi channel and would welcome the stability that it brings. I do agree I hope that Channels doesn't have to track down a configuration issue on the tower end vs the app.

Fixing playback is not a waste of time. It is not a messed up broadcast signal; the player decodes the AC-4 audio and there is some problem with the player with multi-channel output and not with 2-channel.

On the rare occasions I experience this, what I do is clear the app data and cache on the shield and restart the server. It fixes the issue for a couple of months. Which of the above or combination of steps actually fixes it, I don’t know.

Will you be able to address this playback issue?

There are known issues in some markets. It's not something that can be fixed easily.

Which market are you in? You can send in 30s samples from each atsc3 station to support. That will help us fix these issues in the long term, but right now what is you see is what you get.

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This is on the Shield TV.

Washington DC. This is due to the signal and not the player even though stereo output works fine?

Each broadcast tower is using different settings on their equipment. Some signals work fine whereas others are problematic. You're correct that the issue is on our player side, but there is no quick fix and we have to investigate the signal from your market to even start to understand what's going on.

Where should I send samples?

You can attach them on your existing support thread.

Please name the files using the pattern below so its easier for us to organize:


I sent a new email to support with a link to a sample. Thanks.