ATSC 3 Channel has very low volume

We have an ATSC 3.0 channel in Dallas Fox 104.1 when we try to watch it the volume has to be turned up to 80% to hear it. The recordings do the same thing. When using HDHR program to watch the channel the volume is normal. I don't have any idea why channels is not handling the audio properly. Normal volume for all the other channels is 15 to 20%

Yeah I noticed that too ... I have mine disabled for now.... so am surprised it is still low and not corrected.

IIRC SiliconDust transcodes ATSC 3 audio in the cloud for their app if needed for the device.
I don't have their 4k tuner, but remember seeing that on their forum.

Yes, audio is very low with ATSC 3 for the Dallas Fox station on all my Android TV and FireStick 4k Max devices. But the audio on the other three Spanish language ATSC 3.0 channels have normal volume. Since ATSC 3.0 doesn't provide any thing that I currently need, I just ignore it. I expect in another year or so, it will get worked out. If some of the other networks start using ATSC 3 in the Dallas area, I will get more excited.

HD Home run does decode AC4 in the cloud. So I don't see why that would affect the volume if channelsDVR was just recording the stream. HD app plays audio at the proper level.

I think SD only does cloud decoding for thier app and not generically for anything that uses the stream from the HDHR.

Maybe I'm in the minoriry but with my marantz recever and my ATV4K i have zero issues with decoding AC4 or with 5.1 surround sound on ATSC 3 stations

The Problem is not decoding it is that In Channels DVR the volume of AC4 is low compared to other software.

I havent experienced that. 100% the same as astc 1 and tve volume for me.

If I watch 108 In Channels DVR and set the volume to a nice level and change to 8.1 it shakes the floor. Maybe you have some kind of sound leveling on.

EMBY Audio and HDHomerun audio is fine.