ATSC3.0 reception

I replaced my 4 tuner HDHomerun with the new ATSC 3.0 flex. Setup went fine, I'm in St Louis. I receive 102.1, 104.1, 105.1, 111.1, 130.1 along with their counterparts 2.1, 4.1, 5.1 and 11.1, 30.1
reception with the 1.0 channels are fine 85-100%. When I watch the 3.0 channels i get stuttering. The picture doesn't catch up to the vocals. sometimes just freezes on the picture but the voices carry on normally. I was under the impression that 3.0 has stronger or better signal. I updated channels to 11.18 and my home network is 100-150 download with WiFi.
any ideas?

Could you try the beta app from

do i need an invite?

You can click the button on that website from an iOS device to receive the invite.

I am seeing the same behavior. I have noticed the performance is different depending on the device you are watching the ATSC 3.0 signal on. Works great on my iPhone, but not on my Firestick 4K with a 4K TV. It may be the HEVC video format causing the problem. Not sure.

You can change Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder

I loaded beta, thanks. It hasn’t helped. I mostly get weak signal. If I do have signal it’s choppy. Regular network channels are fine.
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If the signal is weak then there isn't much the app can do.

Does the official HDHR app act the same way?

Oddly the HDhomerun app plays the channels fine, the channels app gives me weak signal.

how is reception of the 3.0 channels?
The ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 signals are broadcast from different transmitters at different power levels.

I'm having issues with the 3.0 channels 1.0 are fine. I did read that broadcasters are using the VHF spectrum for 3.0 for now. I can't find where my 3.0 channels are broadcasting from

Checking here
Looks like KPLR RF channel 26
and shows the transmitter tower is here just N of Lindbergh High School

KPLR (CW Network) is broadcasting 111.1 and is shown. However so is ABC at 130.1, FOX at 102.1, CBS 104.1, and NBC at 105.1

See posts at the AVS Forum

KPLR is considered the ATSC 3.0 "Lighthouse" station that broadcasts all of those in ATSC 3.0 from its transmitter on RF channel 26.

That makes sense. That’s why the reception is different. That tower is still 100Kw but is 200’ shorter. There are high rise buildings within our line of sight.