ATSC3 audio issue on SHIELD

I have a nvidia shield with HD-Homerun tuners running ATSC 3.0 channels and it is obvious that Channels is not passing the audio through. If I used the HD-Homerun app instead of Channels to view the live channel, it sounds so much better than watching it live through the Channels app. It is obvious that this has not been fixed.

No plans to fix?

I split your thread because ATSC3 is not related to Atmos audio

Because ATSC3 is so new, each city is using slightly different broadcast format and equipment.

What metro area are you in where you notice problems?

What audio device are you using, downstream of the shield? i.e. receiver, TV via ARC, etc

The issue is probably AC4 decoding, which SiliconDust has a (pretty slick) backdoor in sending the audio out, decoding to something more common, and sending back.

I am in the LA area and the broadcast was the USC vs UCLA football game on FOX which is an ATSC3 station (it shows up as 111.1 in my guide).

I have the shield plugging into the input of a Samsung Q800 soundbar which then plugs into a Samsung Q70 TV. I do it this way because the Q70 only has an ARC and not eARC connection. I don't think the downstream equipment is the issue here.

The Homerun app sounds way better than the Channels version of the same channel. I noticed that the Homerun app has a passthrough option which I have enabled.

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