ATV UI stuck at last shows framerate

Having an issue where I have match frame rate on in settings. I pause a show, turn off the TV and suspend the ATV (via harmony). Next time I turn on the ATV and open the channels app the navigation is jittery and feels like it is stuck in 24fps. I then go back to the same show and the match framerate doesn't kick in (no black screen for 2 seconds) since the display was already 24fps. Then if I exit the show the screen turns black and the ui resets to 60fps and everything is fine again.

I submitted diagnostics right after it just happened.

When you turn on the ATV, doesn't it come back to the player? Are you leaving the player manually at that point? Or do you have Startup Section set?

I have the startup section set for library at launch. If I turn off the TV and then turn it back on, the paused show comes back up. If I come back hours later then it shows the library and the problems with the ui

I just replicated this on my other atv. Paused a 24fps show turned off the TV, came back 1hr later, channels was on library view. Ui was stuck in 24fps