AU Freeview for Channels

After noticing that some Channels DVR users were struggling to get EPGs from the MJH AU Freeview channels working, and also due to my own laziness of manually managing playlists with custom numbering & changing feeds, I've whipped up this Docker solution to allow you to quickly get Freeview Australia channels going for your setup without the need for a HDHomeRun.

This is based off the incredible work/heavy lifting of @matthuisman - all kudos for feed & EPG sourcing goes to Matt.

Key features

  • Automatically numbers channels that don't have a LCN (Local Channel Number)
  • Allows you to define custom Channel Blocks (eg. 1000 channel block -> 7two becomes 1072) - handy if you have multiple Custom Channel sources like me and want your Freeview channels in a particular spot in the Guide
  • Automatically adjusts EPG feeds to make them work out of the box with Channels DVR

Installation & Usage Instructions
It's all on the Github repository:


Nice!! There is tv.json files in each city folder that may be easier to use vs scraping the m3u8 :slight_smile: