Audio airplay gone ios

If not intentional, the airplay setting is no longer there.

If intentional, why?!?!? That’s the second ios useful thing that I constantly used that’s gone :frowning:


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Can you explain how you use this?

What was the first?

i send audio to homepods. i got a bunch of homepods around the house and use them for volume boost, better sound etc instead of the iphone. it worked fantastically and used it all the time.

im in the ecosystem for a reason, you know. using handoff is a wonderful thing that worked great with channels. now if im in my noisy garage, i cant hear anything on my phone since the new homepods i put there cant be used.

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oh, you're getting me started....

well, usability was the first. before, you were able to tap the channel tile with the number and logo to go right to live tv. it was like that for years, so many years that many have that usability grained in them and committed to muscle memory. it was ONE tap to live tv.

now, it takes you to that new upcoming thing i never use that barely populates. now it takes anywhere from 2 or more taps to get live tv depending on if its recording or not.

imagine doing the above tasks one handed since its a phone. which one is more usable and user friendly? one handed operation is imperative on a phone and it was taken away.

you know you can default to live TV when you launch channels? Then you wouldn't have to use any taps.

The airplay icon showing in the iOS video player was a bug. Channels does not fully support airplay and leads to bad expectations. If you want to airplay just audio, you can use Control Center to set your speaker, as this is the more appropriate way to handle scenarios like this.

Not the same. Not even in the same universe as the use case I stated.

A bug? A bug that’s been there for 4 years? A bug that’s been there visible to you that took 4 years to fix? nobody had bad expectations of this "bug". it just sends audio to multi places.

i dont understand you guys. you guys made a great product but you should of invited a usability guy when you left github to help you. i get you guys are coders but you have to take those lenses off if you want customers. Hire someone who doesnt wake up drinking coffe from a "i love coding" mug.

you take every usable aspect of your software away with silly explanations but you guys will jump hoops trying to code something ridiculous of the guy with 6 pi's so they can project pluto to a toaster.

i dont understand.

what you marked as a solution is not a solution, its a cop out. you took away something that worked perfectly fine and added complexity to it.

control center and its multiple interaction points just to get audio somewhere is not an appropriate way comapred to handoff.

you're making a tv watching platform for people, for people that are mostly ignorant and just want to watch tv. please stop making it for the crazies that post here and make it for actual humans that would like to give you money.

i dont get it.

you and @tmm1 must not be on the same page. by his post, i gather (no idea just reading between the lines) that its not a bug but something deliberately taken away and the only thing he asked what is my use case? that makes me believe that maybe its a thing that people use and there is a possibility of it coming back.....but you came in and steamrolled that idea.

In iOS, an AirPlay icon on a video player gives the expectation that the video player will airplay to an airplay endpoint with video. Channels can't do that. We wish things were different and maybe one day they will be. We get questions about this constantly because of it.

But once again, thanks for completely berating us and making us question why we bother to be as transparent and inclusive as we are.

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it's not berating, its strong criticism in which a company should not have personal feelings about, i'll admit. As much as i love your software and ive told you guys you have a customer for life, i can be disillusioned by the way you handle things and i know you dont have to care. Honestly, strong criticism is really the only way to get you guys to answer to actual issues. For some reason, crazy ways to use your stuff gets answers, actual problems, barely.

i emailed you guys weeks ago with an issue concerning a movie, the library and virtual channels that doesn't work. An issue that i would think you would prioritize because it causes one of your main features not to work. i haven't mentioned it here because i am under the impression that the support email is for support. i haven't received and answer.

so i ask, what is MY incentive to helping you? All I see, and this is me, not the fanboys that will eventually come here, are problems that don't get fixed or acknowledged. But you know what, lets add the latest xml tag so guide data from works in channels.

the right thing to do is to add that to the beta notes for your testers. something like, apple wants airplay this way, or we're doing it this way. this could of gone another way if you actually documented that for your testers, not just say its a bug, which wasn't, then you say it was a bad expectation thing for the user.

this was not transparent, especially when it looks like there are two different answers from the two officers.

ultimately, add it back, don't add it back, ill adjust. if you don't want criticism, dont leave the door open for it and ban it from the forums and the beta process.

You're literally making personal attacks on the people building this. Your tone is toxic and is not a healthy way to provide feedback.

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you're right, i apologize. it wasn't meant as a personal attack, it was meant as a half jokingly narrative attack about the way the company operates.

i don't know you, we're not friends, our relationship is consumer one, i have nothing personal to you attack you with, the gripe is with what you ask of me (i know its voluntary) and what i get or dont get in return and especially the mixed messaging from your company.

so is it a bug, or not a bug? i still don't know since there seems to be conflicting narratives here. answer, don't answer, lock the thread, i don't know. as a customer, i expect one answer, not two. whatever the answer is, ill adapt. maybe that's just me.

all i can do is shake my head thinking it's possibly not a bug from @tmm1 post with the possibility of it coming back after hearing my scenarios to its a bug and gone and it should have never been there from @maddox because people can be confused.

As a piece of feedback: nothing you said came off as a joke, it came off as hostile and mean-spirited.

I've re-read the thread multiple times and I have trouble seeing the conflict. @tmm1 asked you for how you use it. That's a fairly strait forward question.

In your initial post you asked for a rational.

In response, @maddox gave you the rational for why this was removed.

It may be that you disagree with the value judgement that was made here. You may feel strongly that your use of this outweighs the negative impact to other customers. Maybe you don't even believe that there are negative impacts to other customers.

The reality is we have a lot more context with what the user impact of decisions are than you do. We see the public and private support tickets, we see how things are implemented and what the limitations are there. Sometimes when we synthesize all of this, we come up with decisions that are different than what you would like. That's just going to be how it is.

@maddox did everything he could (and everything you asked) to give you an explanation that you asked, but you acted as though there was no response.

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I've never heard of anyone using that button, so I was curious. You mentioned something about handoff which I still don't fully understand.

Recently we've started getting a lot of support emails from customers who are confused because "AirPlay is not working". Maybe its because Vizio and Roku TVs now support AirPlay. But people keep trying to click the AirPlay button to cast their video to their TV, and that obviously does not work. The button was not supposed to be appearing in the first place, and only was there because of a bug which has been fixed.

re read it again. i said i had no idea, and i was reading between the lines. his post was ambiguous with the possibility of it coming back, maddox said no. thats the definition of conflict.

thanks for asking for feedback and not just saying no.

i have 10 homepods that obviously work great with the ecosystem, not just music, conference calls, etc. i also use them with apple tv's as the main source for tv audio. i also use them in the shower if i have to listen to a long call, or the news, or whatever.

this allowed me to use channels the same way, all the time, every day, for years. from the player, i could easily airplay the audio to the whole house if i wanted, i could airplay the baseball game audio to my pool sound system while i float drunk with my phone on me getting wet watching the game and listening to Gary, Keith and Ron on glorious six speakers as my kids play marco polo and the Mets lose.

concerning handoff, before airplay was taken away, your software was aware of handoff to a homepod. a thing would appear, i tap it and the audio is now on the homepod with the video on the phone:

now its not. i used this all the time depending on what room im spending time in. now, i have to fumble with control center multiple times if i move around. tapping vs control center is on the opposite of the usability spectrum.

that's not a bug or an issue. airplay will display a picture of the airplay endpoint. its a picture of a homepod or speaker if its audio, its a picture of an apple tv or an actual tv for video, or both. it's not something that channels confuses people with, thats the os. if they get confused by the os, how is that a channels issue? i understand that you will get the calls, etc, but if they are confused by system setting, they ll be confused by other os settings you implement or from other apps.

ok, if you say its a bug, then the ambiguity is gone. it was a great bug that never failed for years. keep more of those bugs, or if you are able to, make a server side setting.

hopefully that made sense.


you guys want something really spectacular, take advantage of the ecosystem. there is joy in your phone automatically showing you what's playing in the room you're in because it senses a HomePod in that room automatically and it automatically shows you what’s playing! God bless the U1 chip! The cherry on top is that if you click that notification, channels opens the app to that show! Well it used to, now it just opens channels, not the stream.

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@tmm1 can this be used to not display video airplay endpoints and only show audio?