Audio continues playing when exiting app

With the last couple of versions, when exiting the app (pressing home button) the audio continues to play for about 10 seconds before stopping. Have been waiting to see if it gets fixed in either tvOS or Channels app update but still the same. Tried various audio settings (experimental etc) with no change. No DVR, just stand-alone Channels app.

Not sure if it's just me or 'normal' behaviour?

What speakers are you using? What is the Audio Driver setting in the Channels app?

Output via AppleTV HDMI to Sony TV via ARC to AVR to speakers.

Audio driver I've tried both experimental and normal.

Started happening with last 'major' release I think just around tvOS 14.5. Was hoping 14.6 may fix but didn't.

Only happens with Channels app - other apps have fade out audio as soon as returning home as normal.

I have the same problem. Just the channels app, no DVR.