Audio defaults to Track 2 instead of Track 1

For the past few months, an issue has appeared where the wrong audio track is always selected by default. For example when playing a recording, it always selects Track 2 which is 2.0 Stereo. I have to manually change it to Track 1 which is 5.1 Dolby Digital.

Is there any way this can be changed so that Track 1 (or whichever track I leave it on) is the one that is selected by default?

I ended up submitting a ticket and diagnostics to support about this and they were able to find and resolve this issue in the latest release!

Silicon Dust or Channels DVR Support?

I would guess it was this:

Channels DVR support fixed it. It was an ATSC 3 thing where it couldn't "decode" audio track 1 as being 5.1 so it defaulted to track 2 as it assumed that one was better.

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