Audio Description for atsc 3.0 prime time broadcast

I wasn’t able to find where this was discussed earlier so apologies in advance. When watching a prime tie show (This is us then New Amsterdam) on the NBC 3.0 feed in the Denver market the audio had non-actor comments on what is going on in the scene. For example if the actors aren’t saying something there is an audio commentary on the things I can see going on that would me help me understand the scene if only able to listen. It wasn’t apparent where I would update the behavior. I also confirmed it wasn’t a channels only behavior as the hdhomerun app did it too. Assuming this is a 3.0 audio feed feature that doesn’t have a setting yet and if so if there is a road map for it.

You can swipe down in the player and see if there are other audio tracks available

Will that work after the show is recorded? I am not getting where to change the sap option to switch the audio channel with the swipe down action Info Options. On the recording it shows New HD DD 5.1 DVS CC. I do better understand now that what I was hearing live and what was recorded is the audio description or video description per the fcc.

I finally figured it out. Once I switched to Spanish the audio descriptions stopped on the recording. Hopefully that is something down the road to give a more meaningful option. I didn’t think to try it as I took the option literally that I’d be listening to a Spanish audio track.