Audio drop outs

I have split this out from my other thread as it is a different issue. I ditched the Netgear Orbi setup and have a decent router instead now with everything wired.

I am getting audio dropouts on a regular basis. I’m running Channels 3.2 and tvOS 12b3.

The audio drop out happens on both live tv and recorded tv from the DVR. The video continues to play perfectly. If I rewind the recording, then the audio plays fine where it previously dropped out, so the audio drop out is not on the actual recording.

Nothing appears in the logs when the drop outs happen.

I realise that it could be related to tvOS 12 - so does anyone else experience the same?

Check on your Channels app if you have surround sound turned on.

It was on - it has always been on.

Switching it off appears to have resolved the issue as far as I can tell…

But presumably that leaves me with no surround sound now!

Nope, that hasn’t fixed it :frowning:

instaTV does the same thing, so the issue must lie somewhere else!

How about VLC?

I didn’t even know I could use VLC with a HDHomerun - missus watching the tv atm, complete with dropouts every 15 min or so!

I’ll have a look in a bit.

Well this isn’t a Channels issue.

I’ve moved the Apple TV from the HDMI 3 (ARC) to HDMI 2, and it is fine now.

So that’s a bit worrying… I dunno if it is tvOS 12 issue with ARC or a problem with the TV :frowning:

TV is only 3 months old though, so well and truly under warranty.

Correction, it is HDMI 2 that has the issue. Guess I will have to book a repair call :frowning:

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I realise this is not particularly a Channels issue, but I did some more investigation…

The Apple TV was on HDMI 2, soundbar was on HDMI 3(ARC)

Anyway, moving the Apple TV to HDMI 3 resolved the issue.

Suspecting a problem with HDMI 2, I moved my Nintendo Switch to that port, and that is fine, so not an issue with the TV.

So given that the Apple TV was always fine on the HDMI port, and the only changes were tvOS 12 updates, I suspect some sort of incompatibility on HDMI 2… Be interesting to see if further beta releases resolve it.

Over a year later — having the same issue with similar gear — and grateful to know I’m not alone. I hadn’t even considered it was an ARC issue. Thanks.