Audio freezes with experimental audio and paired HomePod minis

Occurs on tvOS 14.7 beta, Apple TV 4K (2017). It only occurs when outputting to a stereo pair of HomePod minis.

80% of the time I tune to a channel, the video seems to freeze to allow the audio to sync up to it but then never unfreezes. A combination of skipping backwards and forwards usually gets the video to play again, but it is inconsistent. I can submit diagnostics this afternoon.

Just submitted diagnostics. It happens more often with OTA channels but I think I’ve seen it happen with TVE as well.

Sounds like a beta OS bug.

That's probably the case, I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. I would rather not be on beta but forgot I turned beta updates on while dealing with an annoying wireless audio sync bug from 14.4/14.5.

Thanks for looking into it, I'll update the thread if this still occurs when 14.7 is officially out.

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