Audio Issues After Pausing for Long Periods

I tend to pause recordings and live shows for long periods of time because I get involved doing other things. The AppleTV of course goes to sleep and I have to wake it with the Home button however, when I do this the audio is all messed up. It sounds very quiet and robotic sounding.

This isn’t a problem for recorded shows as I can fix it by exiting out and going back into the show but, obviously doesn’t work for live tv that has been paused for a long time.

Is this happening for anyone else?

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What setting is chosen under the Settings tab in the Channels app for Playback > Advanced > Audio Driver


I’m having this issue on Atv. After a medium length pause the audio is messed up. The voice track is very quiet or silent but other audio sound effects are ok. If someone in the scene is doing dishes you can hear the water ruining but when they speak, lips move without voice. Subtitles show what is being said but there are no voices. I have to kill the app and restart to fix the audio.

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I reported this issue a while back but don’t thing anything’s been done to fix it. I notice it if the show is paused to the point where the Apple TV goes to sleep and I awaken it to resume playing.

The only way I found to fix this is to go out of the show and back into it. If it’s not a recording, you’ll loose your place in the timeline.