Audio Playback

Can you add an option for audio playback without video?

I listen to a handful of channels through SiriusXM over the Internet and would listen to channels without video and without the 4 minute delay for SiriusXM via the internet.

Not sure what you mean here… you want the Apple TV to play a channel but not show the video? What would the screen show instead? Why do you not want to see the video?

Most receivers handle this kind of feature where you can choose a video to play and use an alternate input for the audio. I will do this for programming you don’t need to necessarily hear. For instance, watch sports while listening to music. Not entirely sure this is what is being requested though…

This would probably be a better feature iOS devices if you are listening through a Bluetooth speaker as a way of reducing bandwidth and getting s better signal.

The audio and video are encoded within the same mpg stream, so your idea would not work to reduce bandwidth. The bluetooth speaker only gets the the audio anyway, after the mpg is decoded.

True but the Bluetooth speaker is getting the signal from an iOS device. So I was talking about audio only to the iOS device which should reduce bandwidth.

I like where the op was going with this. Example I spend a lot of time on the road and used channels to listen to some shows. Found out not the best idea, data usage was unreal. I then found siriusxm carried some of my shows and switched to that. It would be nice if while using channels remotely an option for the server to only send the audio. Hmmm channels radio

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This is already possible:

Good to know. Thanks for the info.