Audio problems on iPhone 14

So I've been using this for years without any issues.

I have a simple setup, a single HDHR Duo and a few random iOS devices (phones & pads), a couple Apple TVs...

Everything has been working fine until recently, the moms got a new iPhone, the 14

When using Channels, the audio playback is atrocious, there are all kinds of artifacts, skipping, etc.

I'm on a 13 Pro and I have none of these problems...Same everything, same iOS version, same Channels version, same playback settings, all that. Connected to same access point, speed test shows ~300 megabits per second, no problems with WiFi bandwidth.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, no change. I even tried wiping her phone and restoring it from backup, no change.

The stats show no dropped frames, and the video seems fine, it's just the audio that is problematic.

Anyone else having these problems? This is driving me crazy that I can't figure it out.

Demo of audio problems:

Try this:
Settings > Playback > Audio Driver > Experimental

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Fixed. Thanks! I wonder why it's only on the 14 that it needs that setting and my 13 pro works alright tho! Weird.

fixed my issue with iphone 14 pro! you guys rock!