Audio Sync issues on Nvidia Shield


Lately I've noticed that audio tends to get noticeably out of sync with the video during playback of recordings or shows in progress on my Nvidia Shield. If I skip back a few seconds the forward again it will temporarily fix the issue, only to creep back up a few minutes later. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I've seen previous threads about this, but nothing recent.

Try disabling surround sound, it got rid of my out of sync issues.

If you search for the phrase you'll find a few threads where it seems to have helped.

Has this issue been resolved? I'm experiencing similar issues with audio being out of sync on my Nvidia Shield. I turned off Surround Sound and that didn't help. Anyone figure out a way to solve this problem?

I have 2 Shields and have not had any issue like this.
Is your updated to the latest OS?

What is your audio hardware setup?
Is it just HDMI to a tv, or do you have other setup, like a AV receiver or sound bar in the mix.
You need to provide more info for other to try an help you.

The Shield is hooked up directly to the TV and the TV passes the audio to a sound bar. I've never had an issue with other apps on the Shield playing audio.

One thing to note is this particular Shield is the DVR Server as wall as a client. I wonder if this possibly could impact the audio video syncing.

What is the audio stream type that is having the delay, 2.0 AAC Stereo or 5.1 AC3?

Is it for OTA files, or TVE?

Is it only happening in the Channels app?

Have you tried switching the Hardware decoder to Software in the Channels app?