Audio - Video out of sync ~ 1 sec video delay


Apple TV 4k, Stereo. HomePod and channels dvr with an hdhomerun tuner. My OTA recordings have a synchronization problem of a second or so. Is there a way to fix. this. It is not evident on live OTA or with dvd player source.
HDHomerun > ethernet > iMac firewire DVR ---- record OTA
iMac is Channels server > WiFi and router > Apple TV 4k > HDMI > Samsung TV
iMac is Channels server > WiFi and router > Apple TV 4k > HomePod Pair


Does it make a difference if you change the Surround Sound option on the Settings tab to Off.


I have the Samsung set to PCM audio and no surround on the ATV 4k. No, I can not find a difference. Why would direct streaming not have a video delay and DVR streaming have a 1-second delay if it were not in the DVR server?


There is a Surround Sound setting inside the Channels app. Is that the one you tried?

Is the audio coming out of your TV and your HomePod, or HomePod only? If you play audio on TV speakers only, is there a delay?


Yes, I had surround sound on. I have switched it off and will get back regarding the delay this evening or tomorrow. I am optimistic and very happy with your response. Thanks!