Australia: I have lost all my HD Channels in Channels ATV


I have updated to the firmware version 20170808beta2 on the HDHomeRun today and all HD channels have disappeared from the app.

This is only in the ATV app. I tried the few HDHomeRun apps and even 8player on ios. All displaying HD channels.

Yes I have done a channel scan in the app and tried deleting reinstalling with no luck.

Please Help!


You can try click and hold on your HDHR and select Refresh. It should pull the channel list from your HDHR which will match what you see on and other apps.


Yeah. I just tried this. It didn’t work.


No HD Channels
Scan for channels by picking your HDHomeRun in the settings tab.


Do you see channels marked as HD on

What kind of HDHR do you have?


If you read my OP it says yes.

HDHomeRun Connect.


Please email [email protected] with http://x.x.x.x/lineup.json (replace with your HDHR IP) and a screenshot of the Settings tab of the app showing the HDHR channel list.


We have the exact same problem. All HD channels not showing up in the app.

They’re visible via HDHomeRun website/configuration. But not in this app anymore.

Did you fix this for this client? If so, what was the workaround?


Hiding any channels with weird characters in the name (via should fix the issue.

If you follow the steps above and email the file to [email protected] I can tell you which channel