Auto hide playing progress bar

If you pause or manually bring up the playing progress bar at the bottom, it remains on-screen until you play or manually hide it. Please change it so it auto hides after a few seconds

On ATV it already does this & it would help ease my concerns over OLED screen burn

PS. Same for top menu would be great too, again like ATV already does

Agreed! This is a persistent barrier to enjoying Channels DVR. The progress bar has no value unless you are scrubbing and takes up A LOT of real estate unnecessarily. As an example, that overlay blocks game scores.

In the app go to settings > playback > seek options > toggle show timeline to โ€œoffโ€. You can choose to turn it off or on for normal, sports, or movies. If you want to see it just hit up on the remote.


I just tried this and I don't think it has the intended effect. It does make the timeline not show up automatically, but when you press "up" to see the timeline it still stays visible until you press "up" again.

The desired functionality is that if you press "up", the timeline will auto-hide after a few seconds of inactivity instead of requiring another button press.

And I agree, that'd be a very nice feature.